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MV Mi Amigo 1966

Emperor Rosko the son of Hollywood film producer. Rosko got his first taste of broadcasting while serving in the US navy and, after leaving the service, took a broadcasting course in San Francisco. He moved to Europe and worked on French radio before joining Radio Caroline South in 1966 from the MV Mi Amigo. He brought with him a personality which combined a number of the gimmicks and techniques he had heard while growing up listening to American Top 40 radio.

<< The MV Mi Amigo way back in 1966

Rosko_Radio CarolineThose were new to a British audience and he immediately won a large following. He also had a mynah bird, Alfie, who joined him on the air. In late 1966 he left Caroline to return to France, where he hosted a hugely successful afternoon show on the French Radio Luxembourg, this time not as an 'Emperor' but as 'Le President Rosko'.

His 'Rosko In Exile' shows, taped in Paris, were heard late on Saturday nights on Caroline South.

...........................................Rosko on Caroline 1966 >>>

Rosko With the launch of Radio One in September 1967, Rosko continued to send weekly taped shows from France, later joining the station full time. During the seventies he was a major radio star and made hundreds of personal appearances but in 1982 he returned to the States. Since then he has provided pre-recorded shows for a number of stations including Virgin, Classic Gold and the satellite stations EKR.

Now Rosko is proud to be back with the name Mi Amigo and he presents exclusiv on Shortwave for Europe his show from L.A.

From August 2017 you can be a part of it every Friday and Saturday on Radio Mi Amigo International [CET].

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