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Lion at Radio Decibel

Lion Keezer grew up listening to the great British offshore radio stations in the 60’s. Many of the great hits and artists of that time: Beatles, Stones, the Who or Procol Harum he heard first on pirate stations such as Radio Caroline and Radio London.

DJ’s like Johnny Walker and Robbie Dale were inspiring heroes. Free Radio was big fun. London was happening and pop culture was on the rise.

The ‘radio virus’ was firmly planted, as well as a fascination for ships. Growing up as a teenager, all Lion desired was to become a DJ on a pirate radio ship or a music journalist and interview his heroes. A few years later he did both.

lion-in-studio-Caroline In 1972 he found himself as a DJ for Radio Caroline on board the MV Mi Amigo and became involved in real pirate radio ships. He also took pictures of them, a lot. Hundreds of pictures, enough to fill a book, which he intended to do and prepare for as early as 1974.

In 1974 after his time with Caroline, Lion pursued a career in the music business. He became a journalist and editor of Dutch pop magazine Muziek Expres. In 1979 he became head of PR and promotion of the International Artists department of Phonogram Records, working closely with artists such as Elton John, Dire Straits, Genesis, Phil Collins, 10CC, Kiss, Status Quo, Rush, Van Morrison, Dusty Springfield and many more.

In the 80‘s he got involved with video, producing international music video clips for a.o. ‘Middle of the Road’, and The Star Sisters. while also returning to pirate broadcasting as a DJ for another radio legend: Amsterdam’s popular land based pirate radio station ‘Radio Decibel’ 96.2 FM.

His professional broadcasting career would continue in the 90’s at VARA Television, where he headed the department responsible for all TV on air programme promotion, corporate identity and where he was in charge of the broadcasting process as a director of its daily TV broadcasts. Five years later he started an Internet company and left the ‘old media’ for the new, exploring the many new ways of mass communication.

Today Lion is living in Amsterdam, working as a producer and director of multimedia content and music video’s. He still has a weak spot for ships, especially the Greenpeace fleet of campaign ships, on which he sometimes volunteers when they are in home port Amsterdam.

Since mid 2015 he is heavily involved with Radio Mi Amigo International, using all his acquired skills and knowledge to help further build and develop the station. Lion has 2 weekly shows:

  • Thursdays: 'Hello Europe' 14:00 and 19:00 hrs [CET]
    SW 6005 and 3985 kHz, featuring the 'Radio Caroline All Time Top-500'
  • Sundays: 'Hello To The World' - 09:00 and 13:00 hrs [CET]
    SW, MW, FM and Online (see frequency schedule)

Pirate Radio Ships in the 70's

In 2014 Lion created an iBook dedicated to the great Pirate Radio Ships in the 70's, making use of the hundreds of pictures he had taken on 5 different ships, back in the day.

ibook “It’s not just ‘a’ history of the pirates", he says, "it’s my personal history with them, in pictures.

I spent most of my adult life in the music business and RTV media. All of that was seeded during my younger years, when new music and inspiration came to me via these very radio stations.

Going through my many almost forgotten images some 40 years later, made me realise again how much my life was influenced by them. I’m glad I can finally share my collection of pictures and stories. In the year of Radio Caroline’s 50th anniversary, things have come full circle...

"Well, maybe not entirely, because for Radio Mi Amigo International I will do Shortwave for the very first time. I imagine this is what the original Radio Mi Amigo would sound like with today's technical possibilities - and of course just for the fun of being on the radio and be able to say: 'Hello to The World'..!"

Pirate Radio Ships in the 70's is available in 53 countries via the Apple iBook Store

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