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December 16 - 2016

Fall Competition now closed. And the winners are....

We gladly announce the winners for our fall competition

  1. First prize: The multiband SW Radio goes to: Tatu Pääkkönen, Kontiotahti, Finland
  2. Second prize: Paul Rusling's book 'Radio Adventures of the MV Communicator' goes to: Fritz-Walter Adam, Bernburg/Saale, Germany
  3. Third Prize: the Radio Mi Amigo Souvenir package (T-Shirt + cap, lighters and pens) goes to: Kyriakos Dritsas, Thessaloniki, Greece
  4. No. 4 - 11 all get RMA Souvenir packages (cap, lighters and pens). They are:

  5. Ihne Voss, Blomberg, Germany
  6. Peter Groen, Egmond an Zee, The Netherlands
  7. Martin Davis, Guilsfield Welshpool, Wales
  8. Patrick Travers, Sheffield, England
  9. Artur Fernández Llorella, Malgrat De Mar, Spain
  10. Jean Michel Morisse, Nouer les Mines, France
  11. Hugo Matten, 8630 Veurne, Belgium
  12. Jörg-Clemens Hoffmann, Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany

Congratulations all, your prizes have been send today!



Win and find your prize under the Christmas tree!

Our new competition this fall runs from October 30, ending at December 15, 2016

You’ll have a chance to win:

  • A Shortwave receiver!
  • The book 'Radio Adventures of the MV Communicator',
    (hand signed by author Paul Rusling)
  • Radio Mi Amigo souvenir packages with pens, lighters, DVD's, caps and T-Shirts
comp-book comp-webshopgoodies prize!

How to participate?

  1. Send in a reception report (together with your postal address) and in return you'll receive our brand new QSL card plus the Radio Mi Amigo bumper sticker.
  2. then:

  3. Those who mail us a picture of where they placed their Mi Amigo bumper sticker will participate in our 'big draw' on December 16!

Winners will receive their prize before Christmas, as a nice surprise under your Christmas tree!

Link to: Winners spring competition 2016

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