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Colin Peters

As the youngest son of a family with four children, I was influenced to 'free radio' by my 12-year-older brother who listened to the music of the Offshore stations like Radio Veronica, Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo. After my studies and the time spent in the Dutch army, I was given the opportunity to get a job at the Dutch offshore station Radio Monique in the 1980s, which broadcast from the Ross Revenge during daytime. Here I spend about 2 years as a newsreader and DJ until 1987.

After 2 years on sea, it was the time to go back on land, so I got a job at the Dutch Sky Radio group, where I was responsible for the technical side of the station as well as for the music sequence
Now I'm looking forward to working again on 'real free radio' for Radio Mi Amigo International.

(right pic: Colin on Radio Monique 1987)

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