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Bob James

Bob started in Radio as a child. He bought an old 'wireless' at a jumble sale with his pocket money and on taking it to pieces, he started his learning all about Electronics. Listening to the wireless (having put it back together after taking it apart because of curiosity) he discovered the magic of Shortwave broadcasts from all over the world. Then, scanning through Medium wave he discovered the early broadcasts from Wonderful Radio London from the MV Galaxy. This was in 1964 when Bob was 9 years old.
This started a lifelong passion for Radio, Engineering, Music and in fact just about every aspect of it. On leaving school, he got involved in Hospital Radio back in Sussex and was soon part of a team running a successful Land Based Pirate station. Focus 240 ran from 1971 to 1973 from the Sussex countryside. By this time he was an apprentice electronics engineer and with a little help from the small factory in Worthing, he built a huge mobile disco. In 1974 he started as a resident Night Club DJ (something he left in 2004 when he moved to Spain).
Bob JamesIn 1984, he swapped his Engineering with Radio and DJ work as more of a hobby for a full time job with the new Southern Sound Radio in Brighton where he was also became the stations chief engineer. And so he continued through various Sussex commercial stations as both Broadcaster and Engineer until his decision in 2004 to move to Spain. On the Costa Blanca Bob became Programme Controller for Coast FM and then, a little later the Programme Director, Broadcaster and Chief Engineer for Bay Radio. He now works for Talk Radio Europe as Broadcaster and Journalist, but with the stations headquarters in Marbella (a six hour drive away) he works from his home studio "half way up a mountain somewhere near Orba on the Northern Costa Blanca" as he puts it!
It's now been 33 years spent professionally behind the Mic just about everyday, plus climbing up Transmitter masts and just about everything in between.

You can listen to Bob every weekend, just click on the text for the schedule !

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